We Enjoy A Latte With Our Babe Lucy Smith!


Why hello, Lucy, nice to finally have you in the Bean Body…

Lucy Smith with lip scrub

Why hello, Lucy, nice to finally have you in the Bean Body hot seat.

Me: With a glow as great as yours I am curious – what does your morning beauty routine look like?

Lucy: I typically spend 5-7 hours on campus every weekday, so my beauty routine is pretty basic. I’ll pop on a podcast (usually The Daily, by The New York Times) and sip on a green smoothie while I apply a light layer of Loreal Pro Glow, heavy duty under eye concealer (to cover up my bags that come with being a full time IT student), at the moment I use Tarte’s Shape Tape. I’ll fill in my brows with the ABH Dipbrow, bronze up my face to match my tan and add some blush, and mascara. I like to put on a bold lip every now and then, so I always prep my lips with the Bean Body lip scrub prior to applying my chosen liquid lipstick for the day. Minimal but highlighting my good features.


Me: Sounds like you all have it under control to be honest. That concealer has me intrigued. Eye Bag life. Tell me, what do YOU love about Bean Body?

Lucy: Honestly, there’s so much I love about Bean Body. I find that a lot of products that are made with natural ingredients have such a high price point, but with Bean Body you know that you are getting a great product with quality ingredients all for such an affordable price.

Originally I was obsessed with the Coconut Scrub, I feel as though it leaves my skin feeling the most moisturized and nourished. However, more recently I have been obsessed with the Mandarin Scrub – the combination of citrus and coffee reminds me of a Coffee and Orange granita, if I can’t eat it I may as well just smell like it.


Me: Oh boy, orange granita. Why’d you have to bring that up? I am both hungry and excited for summer at the thought of granita. And in the worst segway in history, how often you shower with Bean?

Lucy: I study a Bachelor of Information Technology full time so I will usually shower with Bean after a stressful day at uni, when my brain is drained after spending too much time coding. There’s something about scrubbing the day off with Bean Body that just instantly picks up my mood (and my energy!). I also fake tan religiously, so I will always use the scrub to take off my old tan and to slough off the dead skin cells prior to applying a fresh tan.


Me: So I hear you had some weird toothbrush trick for your lips – care to tell me about that?

Lucy: I have been LOVING the espresso lip scrub. Believe it or not lips are high maintenance, especially if you have big lips! I previously found exfoliating my lips with a toothbrush did the job (dont laugh, its a thing – trust me) but then I tried the Bean Body lip scrub and I’m a changed person!


Me: My mum used to clean the small spots in the bathroom with a toothbrush. This is a new one.  Skin disasters – I have had a few ripper pimples over the year that I have stupidly tried to ‘attack’ and failed miserably. Pimple 109904 vs Chloe 0. How about you?

Lucy: Haven’t we all?! When I had acne I would always try out different facemasks, acne preventing face cleansers, etc. When I was sixteen I was testing out this ice cooling face wash (sounds cool, right?) and, well, lets just say my skin didn’t like it at all. I got a chemical burn over my whole face, which lasted for three days. This was when I was still in high school as well, so I had to deal with all the judgement and questions from other teenage girls – it was not a fun time.


Me: Oh boy, you win. High school can be brutal.  Do you think the Bean Body has helped your skin?

Lucy: Prior to using Bean Body I used to make all of my own exfoliants using coffee grounds, olive oil, etc. which used to keep my skin feeling nice. It wasn’t until i started using Bean Body where I really started to notice a difference in my skin. I  get a lot of people commenting on how soft my skin is, or commenting on my glowy skin – especially after applying a fresh fake tan (because I prep my skin with Bean Body). Personally, I’ve noticed I don’t have as much cellulite, and my skin just feels so much more nourished.


Me: I want to know something fun – tell me about something quirky about you!

Lucy: I love to code. I lived in the States for six months last year and it was during my down time between travelling when my Uncle drew my attention to the need for women in STEM careers (he is a Database Analyst). He started to introduce me to the world of IT and coding. When I came back to Australia I enrolled to study a Bachelor of IT and ever since then I have loved to code programs, websites, etc.


Me: Your Uncle sounds cool.  And you seem clever. Other than IT, do you feel passionate about any current issues?

Lucy: I know it might seem as though it is a “trending” issue at the moment, however my attention has really been brought to all of the negative effects that plastic has on our environment. I live in Tropical North Queensland, right near the Great Barrier Reef – so I am very aware of how plastic is playing a role in killing the reef. Lately I’ve been very inspired to do my part, especially after so many local businesses banning the use of plastic straws, as well as the recent legislation implemented in regards to single use plastic bags. So if I could tackle one current issue, it would be to completely eradicate plastic — another reason why natural ingredients are so important to me, they don’t hurt our environment


Me: Nothing bad about jumping on an issue, that means you get it! I also just got my first stainless steel straw, I feel so cool pulling it out of my purse at the bar. New party trick. To wrap things up Lucy, what is your favourite part of being a woman?

Lucy: Oh my goodness, how long do we have? Honestly, every single day I am grateful for being a woman. My degree is 90% male dominated, I am always underestimated for being a young, blonde, female studying IT. Since starting my degree I have loved being able to surprise people with the fact that I am a woman who can do so well in a STEM degree — you would be shocked by the amount of people that pre-determine my abilities because of my gender. Honestly, I thought this gender related stigma died out, but clearly not!

I look at all the strong women in my life like my Mama and feel so lucky and empowered in knowing that I have this power within me that will allow me to conquer the world. The future really is female. It is so empowering to know that I will eventually be able to say that I conquered sisterhood, motherhood and the corporate/IT world, all the while still being able to obsess over handbags, fashion trends and makeup.

Me: This is great. I love everything about this. And it also sucks that gender bias is still a thing. Prove them wrong Lucy!  Your vibe is epic. Thanks for chatting with us – I think you’re going to be the CIT of the world one day.


That’s a wrap – Chloe and Lucy in the Bean hot seat x

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