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Where to eat in your city?? Bean Body is an avid traveler….

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Where to eat in your city??

Bean Body is an avid traveler. We are lucky enough to be sitting on the shelves in some pretty amazing countries. If a coffee scrub could eat, there is where it would dine.


Chin Chin, Melbourne

Chin Chin is one of Melbourne’s best gems. In the graffiti coloured Flinders Lane lays one of the best eateries you can feast your eyes upon. The restaurant is colourful and dynamic with food that blends Thai with an Australian fusion. If you leave without your top button undone, you’ve done it wrong. My advice, wear stretchy pants. A ‘feed me’ option will have you feasting on some of the best dishes decided by the chef and the expert wait staff. While your waiting, sling back on a delicious cocktail whilst listening to some fine tunes being dished out by the DJ. What’s not to love?


Club Gascon, London

Club Gascon – as if the name isn’t cool enough to get you over the line? The French restaurant, located in the heart of London is bringing the best dishes from the West of France. The Michelin star award winner headed up by Head Chef Arturo Granato is not to be missed (unless you hate delicious food).


Marea, New York

Marea prides itself on bringing you the street cult of New York and the fine coastal cuisine of Italy. And that it does. Plonked right in Central Park Marea is a true icon. The food by head chef Michael White will knock your socks off (if you are wearing them). Again wear stretchy pants for this one – if you don’t have them it’s a worthy investment. But don’t let me tell you how good it is. Marea has won two Michelin star awards and boy does it deserve them. Don’t miss this one if you find yourself in the Big Apple!!!


If a coffee bean could work, it would be wearing stretchy pants and eating delicious cuisine.

Bean Body x



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