@wifeyg in bath with scrub

HACKS For Using Your Bean Body Scrub From A Bean Body Scrub Lover

Scrubba dub dub, me and Bean Body in the tub. I’m about... ...more
girl holding cake

Coffee Cake In A Mug – in 45 seconds

‘Life hacks’ are cool. Making a cake, in your mug, in 45... ...more

How Do You Like Your Latte? As A Face Wash?

Yipeee, just tried Bean Body’s new world first foaming face wash and... ...more
girl at festival dancing

Festival Tips!

As the festival season looms upon us, we thought we would share... ...more

Coffee with Amy Lee Active!

We get down and dirty with Amy Lee Active in the Bean... ...more

Caffeine For Your Eyes?

Hold the phone. This new caffeine eye cream is ridic. I love... ...more

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