The Best Coffee Dessert Ever – Tiramisu

 Tiramisu – There’s a reason Macklemore sings about it. And a reason... ...more
lazy cat

Bean’s Top Tips To Avoid The Midday Slump

So it hits 2pm and I’ll be blunt, I am ready to... ...more
Lucy Smith with lip scrub

We Enjoy A Latte With Our Babe Lucy Smith!

Why hello, Lucy, nice to finally have you in the Bean Body... ...more
@wifeyg in bath with scrub

HACKS For Using Your Bean Body Scrub From A Bean Body Scrub Lover

Scrubba dub dub, me and Bean Body in the tub. I’m about... ...more
girl holding cake

Coffee Cake In A Mug – in 45 seconds

‘Life hacks’ are cool. Making a cake, in your mug, in 45... ...more

How Do You Like Your Latte? As A Face Wash?

Yipeee, just tried Bean Body’s new world first foaming face wash and... ...more

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