Natural Ways To Manage Anxiety


Anxiety can get its hold on us and yeah, we lose our…

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Anxiety can get its hold on us and yeah, we lose our chill. Sometimes it hard to make those anxious feelings go away. Aside from the obvious – professional treatment, we want to share with you our tips to helping manage when it creeps up on you.


Time management

Running late is a great catalyst for becoming increasingly anxious. Pre-planning how you are spending your time can help prevent your mind from spinning off into unknown. Setting aside time for mindfulness when you wake up instead of going for your phone can help set you up for your day too. Realising what your priorities are for the day can help you to stream you focus without hesitating and imploding with worry,



Smell is a wonderful thing. Just as smelling something foul can turn your nose up, smelling something lovely can soothe your mind. Studies have shown that using essential oils can help reduce anxiety. In particular Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Rose Oil just to name a few! Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers are great for the home – they can help create your sane space. This has worked miracles for me!



Learn what it is that makes your mind stop ticking. Mediation is great for mindfulness and helping to switch your brain off. We have millions of emotions a second – that’s exhausting. We all need a time out and a vice for switching off. This could even be playing an instrument or reading a book. Learning to disengage from your phone or stressful life for a moment means you have more to give back when you re-engage.



Learning to control your breath is strangely therapeutic. Deep belly breaths are game changers. In my experience, these breathing techniques are best learned in a slow paced yoga class. And better yet – they usually come with mediation.

Learning what works for you is always best and never shy away from seeking professional help.

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