Looking after your skin this summer


A salty summer spent frolicking the beach in the sun is what…


A salty summer spent frolicking the beach in the sun is what we all wish for. But how do you protect your skin in these happy summer months? As always, we got you.


Sunscreen – Of course, sunscreen makes the list. The trick with sunscreen though is applying it regularly. We have all fallen victim to an early morning walk – “I don’t need to apply sunscreen, it’s not that sunny yet”. And then a few hours later seeing the shape of your sports top burnt into your skin. A foundation with sunscreen is also good for day-to-day use. Face sunscreen also works wonders in providing a less oily product that feels better on your face.

Moisturise your lips –Long days in the sun can leave your lips feeling dry. Bean Body’s lip balm has been jam-packed with moisture so is the perfect companion for your lips after a long summers day.

Aloe Vera Spray – If you do get yourself burn Aloe Vera spray is an absolute godsend. It takes the ‘sting’ and heat out of the burn and helps to prevent some peeling. It is the ultimate relief for sunburnt skin.

Wear a Hat – This will help to protect your face but also your scalp. If you have ever been burnt on the scalp and had flakes of skin peeling off in your hair then you would know a burnt scalp is a scenario best avoided. Furthermore, it will help protect your face from getting burnt and the consequential skin spots and aged skins. Hat = youthful skin.

Have a cool shower – Hot showers can dry out and dehydrate your skin. In the summer months, the sun and heat are already doing this. So don’t turn the ‘hot’ tap up too much in the shower.

Wear Sunglasses – Protect your eyes and stop crows feet wrinkles from evolving. Also, sunglasses help you see (and make you look cool if you have good taste).

Look after the area around your eyes – Keep on top of any sun affecting this area. Bean Body’s caffeine eye cream will help to keep this area moisturised and loved. It loves your skin more than I love lemon meringue pie.

Keep up your routine – stay exfoliated and moisturised – Keep on top of dead skin cells and replenishing the moisture in your skin with a bean coffee scrub and Bean Body’s vanilla body balm. As Bean’s scrub is less evasive its perfect for summer skin without being too harsh and moisturising as it exfoliates.


Happy summer loving! WE love your skin too 😉

Bean Body x



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