How Do You Like Your Latte? As A Face Wash?

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Yipeee, just tried Bean Body’s new world first foaming face wash and…

Yipeee, just tried Bean Body’s new world first foaming face wash and despite feeling like a new species with a foamy face I must report I loved it!

Scent – Scent is super refreshing! You know when you wake up early and walk past a barista brewing a fresh batch of coffee beans. Just like that but in your bathroom and on your face 😉

Feel – The product is a foam so on application it feels light, airy and revitalising. Also, because foam is easily spreadable I feel like it is really working my skin and getting to all areas of my face. Particularly good with make-up because it is well lubricated so it felt like it helped to remove the nitty gritties after a night out (and the remnants of my lamb souvlaki).

My skin – Afterwards my skin felt light, restored and slightly firmer. Most of all it felt clean and revitalised. And because I know everything in there was good for my skin, it was a nice feeling, like my skin was smiling from the inside out. 😀

To apply – Wet your hands first and then add a few pumps to your hands. Spread the product in a circular motion around your face and neck. I like to target my jawline, as that is where I get more imperfections, aka unwelcome pimples. I found when I was removing make-up; three pumps worked a treat as there was plenty of product to help remove my mascara and the makeup from my skin.


Let’s talk ingredients!

Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (and) Lauryl Glucoside

Aka the cleansing component for non-science burgers. It is a natural cleanser made from renewable raw materials such as coconut that is extremely mild on the skin. Like a cuddle.

Witch Hazel Distillate – Witches and broomsticks… that’s where my minds goes when I hear that word.. More importantly, it is a powerful cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin. It helps to tone and tighten pores whilst effectively cleansing.

Aloe Vera Extract – Hello Vera! It is the wonderful plant extract that is remarkable at soothing irritated skin. It also helps to regenerate skin cells so it would be dayum stupid to not have this in your face wash.

Shea Butter – Shea butter – you have most likely used this in moisturiser’s because it is the queen bee of just that, moisturising. Shea butter is a natural oil that loves your skin deeply providing vitamins A, E, B and D to the skin.

Caffeine –The key ingredient of the Bean Body brand and for good reason! It aids in tightening and regenerating as well as improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Well, that’s a wrap. Very impressed with my first try of Bean Body face wash! Will be back again to spread foamy goodness around my pores.

 Bean Body xx



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