HACKS For Using Your Bean Body Scrub From A Bean Body Scrub Lover


Scrubba dub dub, me and Bean Body in the tub. I’m about…

@wifeyg in bath with scrub

Scrubba dub dub, me and Bean Body in the tub. I’m about to tell you every genius way I have used the scrub. Genius as follows…

First date – feeling confident is a must for me on a first date. I like to be preened, tanned, shaved and not wearing my usual nanna knickers. Using the scrub always makes me feel smooth, like an innocent dove being released into the wild. OK a bit much, I admit. But for any girl getting ready to feel their best, then scrub. A) you will smell nice B) your skin will be smooth and luscious should any shenanigans take place (not saying they would) ;).

Before you shave –  have you ever exfoliated using a scrubbing mitt and then shaved? Hell hath no fury like skin scorned. I’ll tell you from experience DON’T DO THAT. Your skin will be red, itchy and angry to say the least. BUT after exfoliating with Bean Body and THEN shaving – I had found the magical combo.  I think it is from the coconut oil in the scrub and the other goodies that almost moisturise your skin while they scrub. Then when I shaved I didn’t even use soap and there was no friction and NO shaving rash. I couldn’t believe it. Because my skin was so smooth from the oil the shaver just glided over. I could have pee’d the shower with excitement. Full disclaimer that I was using one of those shavers that have a soap bar around it – however, that usually isn’t enough to protect my skin from getting irritated but it was with the scrub. Hallelujah, scrub.

A good excuse to have a Friday night on the couch – this is really important for me. There is nothing worse than your friends asking you to do something and all you want to do is – DO NOTHING! But what if you weren’t doing ‘nothing’. What if you were having a ‘me’ night? AKA chuck that hair in a bun, jump in the shower and enjoy a scented scrub, followed by your favourite Uber eats, a movie and an early bed. Take the scrub out and a friend could accuse oneself as being lazy.. add the scrub and well I just invented the “I’m having a me night”. A little bit of personal R&R.

Before fake tan – if you are a fake tan rookie then I will save you the pain – you need to exfoliate before you tan. If not you can expect a patchy tan with uneven colour (awful look). Always exfoliate before a tan! Bean Body has you covered, helping to lightly remove dead skin without irritating it before you lather yourself with the tan. It definitely helps to hide the fact that I am not naturally tanned like Em Rata – if can’t see the patchy tan. Highly recommend!

After a crappy day at work – often I come home and am stressed out of my mind. A big day at work, cleaning the house, cooking and the list always feels like its never-ending. It is those times where the shower feels like my sacred place. The only place I can hide away from the world and have my moment’s peace. Using my scrub on these days makes me feel like I am doing something special for myself. Even if it is brief it is wonderful and the scent on my skin afterwards reminds me of the few minutes of quiet!

To moisturise and exfoliate – the latter is probably the main reason you purchased the scrub. The most obvious of its benefits. But the moisturising while I scrub is what I love most. I hate when I scrub and my skin feels like it has been deprived of water for a year. After using Bean Body with all its natural oils, my skin, if it could sing, would be singing a cliché happy song like “somewhere over the rainbow”. It feels smooth and moisturised instead of like the back of sandpaper. Bliss.

If you have any genius ways you have used your scrub, please share them with us.

Bean Body xx



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