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In true December spirit, Bean Body has two amazing gift boxes for…

In true December spirit, Bean Body has two amazing gift boxes for you. The ultimate gift to yourself or the perfect KK present for the relative you never see and have no idea what to buy!


Our NEW Flawless Face gift box

Something for everyone! The box includes three amazing goodies to get your face feeling fresh and fab for summer.

  1. Coffee Clay Mask – Have fun with our coffee clay mask, which also partners well with a glass of a red if I do say so myself.  Bean Body’s coffee clay mask includes skin loving charcoal and bentonite clay which lathers on thick filled with moisture. It is boosted with caffeine to target your tired areas (under my eyes it is a saviour) and rejuvenates tired skin.
  1. Espresso Lip Balm – A holiday’s necessity. I never leave home without one of these in my bag. Not never.  Pucker up with Bean Body’s delicious blend of coconut oil and papaya fruit.  This juicy squeeze will have your lips so moisturised, you will be holidays ready with sexy hydrated & moisturised lips.
  1. Espresso Lip scrub – Kiss me quick and I’ll sort out your dry lips. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be rough around the edges, which is why my blended scrub contains lip-loving coconut oil and cocoa butter to buff soothe dry lips at once. Hello, smooth operator. With lip-loving Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter to Smooth & Soothe dry lips.


NEW Smooth Skin gift box

To get that silky smooth look from head to toe 😉 Here’s what you will get:

  1. Coconut coffee scrub – I still can’t get over how good this stuff smells. Also, it helps with targeting rough skin with cellulite and stretch marks aka my thighs, woohoo. It always leaves my skin feeling like it had a nice gentle hug too once it’s finished. Winner.
  1. Foaming latte wash – A face full of coffee, what’s not to like? Aka my favourite smell in the morning. So not only will you get to wake up with one of the greatest smelling things in the world (in my humble opinion) it also boosted with caffeine to target pores and tired areas. Why? Because don’t we all deserve to be revitalised?


Happy holidays Mr. Bean Family!

Bean Body x



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