Bean’s Top Tips To Avoid The Midday Slump


So it hits 2pm and I’ll be blunt, I am ready to…

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So it hits 2pm and I’ll be blunt, I am ready to go home. The next three hours consist of clock watching and distracting everyone around me, in between intermittent periods of work. To all those, who feel the pain, the dreaded “midday slump”, you are not alone.  Here are our top tips, to making it through the second half of the day:


  • Move around – Don’t get Janice from admin to go and get your printing for you. Get up and get it yourself. Don’t hold meetings in the closest meeting room, or in your office. Walk to the cafe or somewhere different and enjoy a change of scenery. Even try hot spotting from a different location for a fresh perspective or better yet, some fresh air!
  • Walk at lunch – If you are a desk worker, sitting for eight hours is the devil. Especially if you ‘hunch over’ like me. Try going for a walk at lunch to get the body moving and feeling fresh. Not to mention the release of endorphins to get you motivated for the second half of the day!
  • Prioritise your tasks – If you know you suck in the afternoon, save your easy tasks till then! Get the hard stuff out of the way early while you are alert and switched on!
  • Don’t depend on caffeine – Our beloved friend coffee is great for short bursts of energy (and even better in your favourite coffee scrub). The more reliant you are on caffeine the less likely you are to feel it kick in and wake you up. If you rely on a late afternoon coffee to wake you up (and use this method every day), then it is very unlikely to help boost your energy!
  • Pump music – You know motivational tracks, like Rocky getting fit to the Eye of the Tiger soundtrack! But choose something that works for you – perhaps it is death metal or Beethoven’s seventh symphony.
  • Healthy Snacks & Water – The healthier you eat and better refreshed you feel throughout the day, the more energy and zest you will have.
  • Look after yourself & get plenty of sleep – Good ‘ol sleep. Be sure to keep up your eight hours. If you struggle to sleep – try wind down before bed, turn down the lights and get away from the TV, computer and your phone! We know this amazing coffee scrub that is really amazing for relaxation 😉


If all else fails – freshen up with our foaming latte face wash. Nothing like a splash of cold water to feel rejuvenated.  Stay fresh, fam!

Bean Body x



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